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What’s next? Political leaders answer after chaos on Capitol Hill



AUGUSTA, Ga. – We all gathered around our TVs as chaos erupted in the nation’s capital. Most of us are just trying to figure out what was going on inside.

Now as clean up begins, and we’re left to collect our thoughts, our questions have changed from what’s going on to what’s next?

  • “I was watching it live and I listened to the rally, and I heard Trump say that he knew they were going to the capitol. That was news to me,” said Bob Brookshire, Aiken County GOP chairman. “But I thought, that’s good, they’ll go over there, they’ll have a nice rally, and they’ll go home. Well unfortunately after they got over there, they started going up the steps to the capitol.”
  • “And then the next thing we heard was glass breaking and people trying to get through those doors,” Rep. Rick Allen of District 12, said.
  • “You know I learned in 9th-grade civics in high school, that in America, we celebrate the nonviolent transfer of power,” said the Rev. Raphael Warnock, Georgia senator-elect. “That’s bedrock to our self-understanding and to our values. And yesterday, that was trampled upon.”

“We’ve got to restore law and order in this country. This chaos and anarchy has got to stop,” Allen said.

“And we can’t seem to come together. We’ve got to work together to save the country. I mean, that’s all there is to it,” Brookshire said.

“And we have this stain on our history. As the people’s house was desecrated. And I hope that it’s a wake up call for all of us,” Warnock said.

In a time where many of us are at a loss for words, we decided to allow the people we interviewed to fully narrate this story.