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Governor Kemp dedicated more than $1 billion to the Department of Human Services to provide cash assistance of up to $350 for active enrollees



Augusta, GEORGIA – According to the state officials, it can also include $350 for anyone in the active enrollees’ assistance unit, of Medicaid, SNAP, and/or TANF government benefit programs.

Officials have announced that this assistance will help some of Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens cope with the continued negative economic impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency and 40-year-high inflation caused by disastrous policies that were implemented by the Biden administration.

To be eligible, Georgians, including anyone in the active enrollees’ assistance unit, must have been enrolled in one of the aforementioned programs by July 31, 2022. Cash assistance will not be provided to those enrolled after the cutoff date.

Georgians who are enrolled in more than one of the aforementioned programs will only receive one cash assistance payment.

DHS will be communicating with eligible Georgians through the Georgia Gateway portal.

All potentially eligible Georgians should log into their Georgia Gateway accounts and ensure their personal information and contact preferences are up-to-date. 

Funds for this award derive from the State Fiscal Recovery Fund which was part of the American Rescue Plan Act.