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Local man challenges the community to perform five acts of kindness



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Social media has become a large platform for people who want to make their voices heard. Some people even start challenges and trends for others to follow. One local nonprofit organization called Affect The Culture is challenging people in our community to do five acts of kindness.

Darius Robinson is the founder of Affect The Culture, and he says a little can go a long way.

“We started paying for Starbucks for everybody that was walking through,” said Robinson.

He says that’s when he noticed one gentlemen walking away in tears.

“I’m like are you serious? Over a cup of coffee?” he said.

“He was just saying how rough a month he had,” Robinson said. “I think he was just at his breaking point.”

He says sometimes kindness is all it takes to restore hope. That’s why he’s encouraging everyone in our community to be a part of the movement.

For this movement Robinson has created, you do five random acts of kindness. Two of them done outside your daily circle, and share two of them on your social media. He says when you post it on social media to tag five friends to join the challenge.

“You always feel better when you can do something kind for somebody else and it becomes contagious,” Robinson said. “Your hand in mine is the catalyst positive impact in our society, and if we do nothing nothing changes.”

He says its all about seeing value in every human and filling in the gaps of division with love.

“If we did that we wouldn’t need at black lives blue lives red lives matter white lives matter,” he said. “The campaign is to combat the divisiveness we have in our society right now we are more tribal than ever.”

He says the change starts with you, leaving everyone with one message – to accept the challenge.