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Golden Harvest Masters Table gives meals, clothes and hope for those in need



AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s been a busy day here at the Golden Harvest Masters Table.

They got started at about 7:00 this morning cooking food, so they can make sure that everybody who comes in has a meal to eat and a present to open on Christmas.

With food on the table and smiles under the masks, volunteers at the Golden Harvest Masters Table prepped more than 100 meals for community members in need.

Chef Nairobi Grant says they’ve helped more people this year than ever because of the pandemic.

“It’s not always rags to riches. Sometimes it’s riches to rags. They were stable and due to the pandemic, situations change. But regardless of the circumstances, we’re here for them,” Grant said.

As a retired military medic of 20 years, Grant has always been a healer.

“Meals are healing food for the soul. It’s another form of medicine that we help provide,” Grant said.

But the food wasn’t the only thing on the table. Compass for Hope teams up with Golden Harvest every Sunday to help serve food to the homeless.

“We decided we would do stockings and a gift so that everyone would have similar to what we have at home,” Shelby Andrews with Compass for Hope said.

Everyone got a t-shirt and stockings filled with candy, cookies, and some clothes to help keep warm.

Volunteers wrapped and stuffed more than 130 gifts and stockings earlier this week which were all donated by the community.

“Everyone that contributed has gone through something this year, so they wanted to be able to be a part of doing something positive for the community,” Andrews said.

And in this season of giving, it’s the volunteers who get something out of it too.

“To be able to give to somebody who will not ever probably give you back anything that’s tangible, but what they could give you back is more than what you could ever give to them,” Andrews said.