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St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church has made adjustments for the Christmas masses



AUGUSTA, Ga. – To keep parishioners safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Mary’s expanded the number of Christmas Masses to allow for proper social distancing at each service.

Prior to the pandemic, there were only 5 masses held on Christmas. This year, that number doubled. Between last night and Christmas morning, they held 12 masses. There were other adjustments made along the way as well.

Deacon Ken Maleck says, “In addition to having the mass here in the main sanctuary, we also had a companion mass that started 15 minutes later in the school gym. So the gym actually, when it’s set up for mass, has a capacity of 300.”

He says spirits were high today, like they always are at Christmas mass.

“You know it’s part of the pandemic when everybody is wearing a mask but all things considered people tried to be as joyful and celebrate the season and the coming of our savior,” Maleck says. “Nothing’s the same but we’re trying to make the best of it. Still, there’s hope for the future.”.