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Gerald Jones Auto donates to Salvation Army of Augusta



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Gerald Jones Auto just donated $48,500 to the Salvation Army of Augusta. It was all part of their Christmas Car Challenge.

The dealership donated $100 to the Center of Hope for every car sold from December 1st through the 24th.

“It’s really heartwarming. Unfortunately, a lot of people today — especially with the pandemic — need the help and Augusta is famous for helping people. There’s a lot of charities in this area. They’re all good causes. This just happens to be one that strikes in my heart and — again — when you got hungry children, hungry people…this is something that we need to do,” said Andy Jones of Gerald Jones Auto.

“We received a check for $48,500. It’s almost like they knew exactly how much we needed for these families. So, it’s really exciting to have this opportunity to serve and serve with people like Gerald Jones Auto Group,” said Area Commander Douglas McClure.