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Georgia teachers to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in March



GEORGIA– On Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced in a press conference that the state would be expanding who can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting March 8th the following Georgians will be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine:

“For the next 10 days educators, school staff should work with their administration to ensure their district or school has been in contact with the state department of education and the department of public health. This partnership will help ensure systems are able to identify and coordinate vaccinations for interested school staff quickly and efficiently,” Gov. Kemp said.

Multiple school systems already have some kind of plan in place to vaccinate their teachers and staff when they can.

“We have a plan that we’re going to get some of the paperwork out to our teachers a couple days ahead of time to fill out those that are wanting to get the vaccine and then we have a plan to go to each school and cover classrooms while teachers get the vaccine at the school,” Dalton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tim Scott said.

Dade County Schools is working on finalizing their plan, but what they are looking at follows the same pattern of bringing vaccines to schools.

The shots are not required.

Dade County recently surveyed their school district and found that about 50 percent of their employees

“It was real close to 50 50 but just as soon as our health department receives our vaccinations our doors will be open and we’ll be available,” Dade County School Interim Superintendent Josh Ingle said.

School systems are working their health departments during this process.

“We are excited about this announcement for all educators. We are working with one of our health partners and the local health department to develop a plan for the vaccinations of anyone interested,” Walker County Schools Superintendent Damon Raines said.