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Georgia mass vaccination sites to stop administering Pfizer first doses



ATLANTA, Ga. — The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, the Georgia Department of Public Health, and the Governor’s Office announced that the eight state-operated mass vaccination sites will shift to providing single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine and Pfizer second doses through May 21. First doses of the Pfizer vaccine will not be administered at these sites after April 30.

“As supply and availability of the COVID-19 vaccines has dramatically increased across the state, far more Georgians are now able to easily access the vaccine at their local pharmacy, grocery store, or doctor’s office,” GEMA/HS Director Chris Stallings said in a news release. “With over 300,000 doses administered at the state sites over the last few months, our highly successful state-operated sites have experienced a notable decrease in demand over the last two weeks.

“This transition to the Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccine for the next month allows us to complete the full vaccination cycle for Georgians who received their first Pfizer vaccination at our sites, continue providing COVID-19 vaccination to Georgians who wish to use our sites, and deploy Pfizer first doses previously allocated to GEMA/HS to other local providers across Georgia.”

“I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of our GEMA/HS team over the last few months in getting the life-saving vaccine administered quickly and efficiently in all parts of our state,” Gov. Brian Kemp said. “As the vaccine becomes available to more Georgians in their local communities, it is now the state’s job to work closely with local providers, private partners, public health districts, and trusted community leaders to encourage more Georgians to get vaccinated. These highly-effective vaccines are our ticket back to normal, and the state stands ready to assist in getting more shots in arms moving forward.”

The Department of Public Health announced on Friday the state would follow ACIP and CDC recommendations in resuming administration of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“Our team will now work closely with local providers, community leaders, nonprofits, businesses, local public health offices, and others to utilize those Pfizer first doses quickly and efficiently at the community level,” Georgia DPH Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Toomey said. “I continue to urge all Georgians to sign up to get their shot as soon as possible to ensure we protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors from COVID-19.”

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