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Health officials worry J&J vaccine pause increased hesitation in Black, Hispanic communities



AUGUSTA, Ga. – As the FDA and CDC recently lifted the pause on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, health experts are now concerned some communities may opt-out from getting vaccines at all.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine had shelved the vaccine after it was linked to cases of an extremely rare blood clotting disorder.

Public health officials are now concerned that as word spread about the potential side effects, Black and Hispanic communities may opt-out of what could be a life-saving act.

“To the Black and Hispanic communities, there has been a long history of untrustworthy behavior by health care systems, and the current issue with Johnson & Johnson may have worsened some hesitancy,” said Dr. Justin X. Moore.

Moore is an epidemiologist in the Department of Population Health Sciences at the Medical College of Georgia.

“To overcome this barrier, companies must continue being open about side effects of the vaccine, and health care workers must be empathetic and listen to their patients’ concerns,” he said in the release.

AU says vaccine safety and the importance of everyone being vaccinated is crucial as America looks to get to the light at the end of this pandemic.