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Friends & family gather for a balloon release honoring mother of four murdered in a quadruple shooting



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Friends and family held a balloon release Wednesday night in honor of Tishaa Moulton, a mother of four was murdered in a quadruple shooting.

Two suspects sit in jail. One of them Moulton’s brother and as the investigation continues we’re learning more about those accused.

At the balloon release today the family said there is one thing on their mind right now and that is justice.

“It’s been hard six days without Tishaa.

“I’m still in disbelief, I’m hurt, I’m numb,” said Ja’nice Williams, Tishaa Moulton’s aunt.

Surrounded by family, friends, and her nephews Ja’nice Williams shared memories of her niece.

“She loved to dress. She loved to look pretty. She tells me I look like her all the time. That is my twin, that is my twin,” she said.

Releasing balloons into the air and a message she could see.

While she honors Tishaa’s life she also hopes for her sister Tiliha Turner’s recovery.

“So she’s a fighter. And that’s what I know. Our family are fighters,” she said.

But as the reality of this goodbye sets in their thoughts are turning to justice and uncovering the truth.

Newly arrested suspect Julian Mayes is charged with two counts of murder and two counts of aggravated assault and a weapons charge. According to the Richmond County Warrants Office, Mayes has no criminal history in the county. We couldn’t find a criminal background for the other suspect, Tyler Prather, either.

Ja’nice is happy with the arrest of Mayes but says her nephew Prather is innocent.

“But I want my nephew home; I want Tyler Prather home,” she said.

All she can do is wait for justice for Tisha and pray for her sister’s recovery to hear her voice again.

“She can sing, she can sing she has a beautiful voice,” she said.