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Augusta homelessness taskforce gives hope to those without a home



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Earlier this week, we told you about a task force the Augusta Commission formed to help homelessness issues in the area. FOX 54 spoke with one man who is currently without a home who shared the challenges he faces in his day to day life.

Ezra Lay is currently living under a bridge and he’s hoping the task force efforts will help bring relief. “I pray to God that I get pulled up out of this. I don’t like to be in the situation that I am in.”

Lay has been homeless for two and a half months and he says it hasn’t been easy. “I never seen myself in this situation. But I’m trying to better myself while I’m out here being homeless. I’m not out here panhandling and all that other stuff.”

Everyday Lay sleeps under the Bridge Creek Bridge in Downtown Augusta along with his buggy filled with basic necessities.

“I ain’t showered in fourteen days. But I still try to make my best, go to interviews, jobs. I never give up on hope.”

And hope is on the way. The Augusta Commission’s Homelessness Taskforce is being led by District 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson and District 2 Commissioner Dennis Williams, who say they are working diligently.

“It’s important that the Augusta Commission be intention about solving that issue. So the task force will meet to come up with recommendations about how not to only provide services but to provide long term housing options for those living in homeless situations,” says Commissioner Johnson.

After hearing about the task force and their duty to get folks on their feet, Lay says it brings him much comfort. “It’s a better chance at life. See everybody deserves a second chance. Some people mess up the first chance they got, but when you get that second chance you got to make life better than what it was.”

Commissioner Johnson says the taskforce is getting the ball rolling and met with city administrators Wednesday. This effort is a developing story, but FOX 54 will continue to keep you updated as soon as those details are made available.