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Augusta GreenJackets go to bat against insurance providers



AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s been tough for many CSRA businesses during this coronavirus pandemic and one of the hardest hit is the GreenJackets. There haven’t been any home runs hit at SRP Park in months but the ball club is finding ways to make some money. They are also trying to get back what they have already paid for.

“They’ve had no problem with taking those premiums but yet they deny us our business interruption insurance. And the reason why you have business interruption insurance is for catastrophic reasons,” said Missy Martin, Vice President of Operations and minority owner.

The joint lawsuit states the GreenJackets and other teams are paying yearly premiums for business interruption insurance but have been denied coverage since the baseball commissioner suspended seasons in March because of coronavirus. A denial reads claims were not directly related to loss of property or damage.

Martin explained, “This is not about greed. This is just getting what we paid for. We paid for a policy and all we want is what we paid for. I mean, this has been heartbreaking. It’s been heartbreaking for all of us and I think it’s been heartbreaking as I see, a lot of our members, season ticket holders and our sponsors reaching out to us, just broken about the fact we’re not playing ball right now.”

“All the sporting events, all the events, you can’t do concerts now, I think it’s sad but it’s where we are,” said fan Matthew Williams.

Another fan, Dennis Radtke said, “They have to do what they have to do. Just got to get used to it.”

There are 15 Minor League teams listed in the lawsuit that claims the teams have $2 million in expenses on average including as much as one million dollars in marketing costs, supplies, lease payments, salaries, and benefits for regular employees.

Half of the staff with the GreenJackets have been furloughed but the team is finding ways to make some extra cash like happy hour.

“Everybody should be here. It is a wonderful atmosphere. It is wide open spaces. No reason not to be here,” said fan Erma Radtke.

“This is a good idea. They couldn’t do it every day, it would get old too quick. But I think if you do it once a month, once every two weeks, you know,” said Williams.

Martin added she hopes once the team can start playing again, people will come out in full support. We will continue to follow the pending lawsuit and update you with the latest as it develops.