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Augusta Boxing Club, Augusta Regional partner for amateur boxing event



AUGUSTA, Ga. – When it comes to using boxing as an outlet, Rayonta Whitfield and the Augusta Boxing Club are on the forefront of getting kids off the streets and creating life-long good habits. Now, many of those involved in the program will get the chance to show their skills in front of a large crowd.

The Augusta Boxing Club, in partnership with Augusta Regional Airport, are hosting the Augusta Regional Amateur on Saturday. The event will be held in Hanger 1. The age group that benefits the most from the Augusta Boxing Club is high schoolers. 80% of the club’s high schoolers go on to graduate and Whitfield says that’s something he’s most proud of.

“If I can keep a kid from 13-16, we can help them graduate. And that’s one of my biggest passions. School, school, school, education, education. So we’ve been striving and working hard for that,” said Whitfield.

Stay in the program, have a chance to showcase your skills on a big stage. In total, 70 boxers of varying ages will get to fight in front of a crowd come Saturday. The event starts at 2:00pm.