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We’re already paying for COVID relief plan and Democrats are just getting started



AUGUSTA, Ga. – It would seem by now that all the Democratic voters would be asking themselves, what have we done?

You allowed this bunch of lying, left-wing idiots to take leadership of this great country just because they were dangling so-called COVID incentive dollars in front of you.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’re already paying for it and old Joe, or rather those controlling him, are just getting started.

Maybe I’m wrong and the rest of you can afford the higher gas, food, utilities, taxes and who knows what else. Bottom line is you put in a puppet to run our great country and laugh your way through it. Now that you’ve seen old fast-pen Joe in real action aren’t you proud?

If you love America, you better wake up while we still have our great country because it is slipping fast. It’s not God bless America because He already has, now it’s God save America.