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This UGA football recruiting target is on track to breakout for powerhouse Grayson



LOGANVILLE, Ga. — Joseph ‘Jojo’ Stone Jr. tried a little bit of everything growing up. His mother put him in a lot of different sports to see what would stick.

He gravitated to the physical aspects of every sport he tried.

Football quickly made its mark, and he hasn’t looked back. As a rising sophomore at Grayson High School, Stone says he feels he’s where he’s supposed to be.

Stone already has scholarship offers from UGA and Florida State and will likely play multiple offensive positions and occasionally on defense for the defending 7A state champions.

Despite his youth, there’s a target on the sophomore.

“That’s what’s supposed to happen, I’m supposed to be a target, that’s what I feel like,” Stone said. “I feel like if I’m not a target then I’m not doing my job.”

With the football in his hands Stone has already flashed big-play potential. In spring practices he’s proven to be a dangerous receiver and running back.

Stone wants to be more than an offensive weapon for the Rams. He already has placed the desire of leadership upon himself. The Rams will be young in 2021 after graduating 37 seniors from the ’20 team.

“I’m a playmaker as a player, but I really want to be there for my team,” Stone said. “We lost a lot of seniors, so we’ve got to step up together. I feel like me being able to play with my team and get closer to the team, I feel like that’s the main goal right now.”

Stone has earned the leadership badge. Grayson coach Adam Carter has been impressed with Stone’s development off the field this offseason.

“Jojo (Stone) is a very mature kid, he’s a very humble kid,” Carter said. “He is in that mindset of the kid you want. He has the mindset that you have to go work for what you get. He comes to work every day. I don’t have any problems from him. He shows up and does what we ask him to do. He does well on the field and off the field. He’s handling it all well. He’s mature beyond his years.”

He was raised to be that way.

Both his parents have provided support. From practices to 7-on-7 tournaments to shuttling between games of other sports, that support has pushed Stone to want to do things the right way on and off the field.“Shout out to both of my parents, but my mom is the truth,” Stone said. “She’s an athlete too so we relate a lot. My dad held it down, too. He’s always there. Both of my parents hold it down. That definitely makes me work harder.”

UGA offer motivation?

Stone had to keep his offer from UGA kind of quiet. He was in class when got the text that the Bulldogs were interested in having him join them in 2024.

For Stone, the UGA offer was the indicator and validation for the work he has been putting into playing football.

He’s never been a big UGA fan, but the offer is a special one.

“Coach called me, and I just stepped out the class and I was just excited,” Stone said. “I knew I had to just take off with this. Its time for me to take off. All the hard work that I’ve been putting in is now really paying off. I’m just blessed. Georgia has always just been one of those schools. I’m blessed to have that offer.”