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‘There are good people in the world’: Missing ring brings strangers together



AUGUSTA, Ga. – What was meant to be a routine trip to this Wally’s gas station on Windsor Spring Road turned into an unusual discovery for Brenda Parris after she found somebody’s missing ring.

But it wasn’t just any ring.

“First of all, I thought a military person owned it and I didn’t want to take it into the store, because I didn’t want to turn it in and stand a chance of the owner not getting it back so therefore I decided to take it home,” Parris said.

It’s one that holds special meaning to a man named Herbert Kado.

But how it got back to him? That’s where social media comes into play.

Parris’ daughter put a picture of the ring on social media and the rest was history.

“I had no idea,” Suzettra Walker said. “I took a shot in the dark. I knew on the Connect Augusta page, there was lots of people on there from different backgrounds, so I knew if I put it there, that was at least a good place to start.”

The post getting more than 1,200 likes and 150 shares within just 24 hours, not knowing a ring would bring complete strangers together.

“Some dumb thing like lose a ring and all of a sudden it comes to pass; there are good people in the world,” Kado said.

After serving in the Army for 20 years, Kado’s wife who passed away bought it for him.

So when he lost the ring, a part of him was also lost.

“It just means a lot,” Kado said. “One that she’s gone, they say you move on. It just means a lot to me to get this ring back after I said no it’s gone; I’ll never see that ring again.”