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New study could link CBD and Alzheimer’s treatment



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tonight, the I-Team is digging into a new study at Augusta University. Researchers there are reporting a promising link between CBD and treatment for Alzheimer’s.

After an experiment with mice, they found two weeks’ worth of high doses of CBD oil helped improve brain cognition for certain types of Alzheimer’s disease.

And our I-Team found this type of research is more important now than ever.

With Baby Boomers aging, by 2025, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates we will have 190,000 people living with Alzheimer’s in Georgia and 120,000 in South Carolina.

When you consider that’s more than a 26 increase in each state from last year: that’s a significant jump.

Now, researchers will study:

  • the ideal amount of CBD oil for different phases of disease;
  • how early in the disease they can improve brain function;
  • and the best way to get it, for example through an inhaler.