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Most of Georgia’s remaining coronavirus restrictions will end Memorial Day under an executive order signed by Gov. Kemp



Augusta, GA – According to the officials, the 22-page order continues a broader rollback of Georgia’s coronavirus regulations as millions of residents are inoculated.

The order lifts restrictions on restaurants, bars, conventions, child care facilities and live performance venues.

And it seeks to restrict Georgia’s public school districts from mandating that students and employees wear masks, though it falls short of an outright ban. 

Under the new order, only a handful of coronavirus restrictions remain in place, most involving nursing homes, long-term care facilities and schools.

The governor has also taken steps to ban state agencies from requiring vaccinations, saying it amounts to government interference.

The order also specifies that public schools cannot use an ongoing state of emergency to require students or staffers to wear masks. But he didn’t explicitly forbid school systems from mandating face coverings.

Georgia’s fight against the pandemic has dramatically improved as the vaccine became widely available.