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Mom of boy with special needs requests other kids to be kind to her son who has ‘Wonder’ syndrome



With the new school session fast approaching, a mother in Texas is pleading parents to teach their children the valuable lesson of “acceptance and kindness” as her son special needs son is getting ready to begin kindergarten. On Friday, Britanny posted on Facebook to open up about her 5-year-old son Michael, who was born with a rare condition called Treacher Collins syndrome. Per the National Organization for Rare Disorders, the condition is “rare genetic disorder characterized by distinctive abnormalities of the head and face.”

Although Michael appears to be different physically, his mother says that he “is mentally the exact same as all the other children (maybe even a bit smarter).” With the first week of kindergarten is just around the corner Denison decided to share her thoughts about her son going to school on Facebook and to remind parents about educating their kids to be kind. “I’m so excited, yet so scared,” expressed the mom alongside a picture of herself with her son. “As he gets older, he is starting to realize that he is different. He is also becoming more affected by the whispers and stares.”

Continuing her plea, she wrote, “Would you please take a moment to talk to your children before school starts next week? Talk to them about using words like ‘different’ and ‘unique’ instead of ‘weird’ and ‘scary.’ Talk to them not only about being friendly and kind, but also about being a friend.” Next, she had an important request. “Please don’t tell them not to stare! Instead let them know that if they are going to stare, it’s polite to also say ‘Hi.’Teach them to stand up for the kid in the room who is being picked on, and to sit with the kid who is being excluded.”

Often time, we see that kids pick up most of their habits and behavioral patterns from their parents. To ensure that they don’t learn anything that’s offensive or wrong, Denison requested parents practice what they preach by “acceptance and kindness in the way you speak to other adults.” The Midlothian-based mom continued, “This includes the cashier, the drive-thru employee, and the guy who didn’t use his turn signal!” Concluding the emotional post, the realtor said she welcomes people to approach her and her son and to strike up a conversation if they happen to run into them.

“We love to answer questions about Michael’s condition and make new friends,” said Denison. “If you take a step out of your comfort zone to talk to someone who you think is different, you may find out that you have more in common than you think!” In no time, her post went viral and the comment section was flooded with words of encouragement and support. “What a wonderful mother you are. We don’t go to that school but I’m praying for a wonderful school year for him and you!”

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