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Local instructors encourage firearm safety training amid spike in gun sales



AUGUSTA, Ga.— In 2020, there were nearly 5 million new gun owners across the country and 40 percent of all firearms sales went to first-time buyers.

Local gun store owners also seeing the spike in Augusta

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of guns and ammunition sold here,” owner of Sidney’s Department Store Steven Fishman said.

No training is required to purchase a gun or to obtain a license in Georgia, but Burke County Sheriff’s deputies said firearm safety is important.

” We’ve seen time and time again where accidental shootings occur and these involve injuries to the person handling the firearm or injuries to children or even the death of children who have gotten hold of a firearm that’s been improperly stored,” Sgt. Nathan Jones said.

Nathan Jones , a training sergeant with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office leads a firearms training course

He teaches new and inexperienced gun owners what they need to know before they pull the trigger.

” The more we educate the public and the more we can educate each other in the community on firearm and gun safety, it may drop some of the accidents or accidental shootings that may occur,” Jones said.

Some gun store owners said for new or experienced gun owners training is equally as important

” I believe in training always and I think that old gun owners can be trained and stay fluid, but that’s just gun safety 101,” Fishman said.