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Local doctor says flu shot could be more important this year



AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Chief Medical Officer at Augusta University Health System, Dr. Phillip Coule, says it’s extra important for people to get the flu shot for this upcoming flu season. Dr. Coule says if someone gets both influenza and COVID-19, it could be too much for their body to handle.

“If you could imagine a one-two punch of getting the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, it would be difficult,” Dr. Coule tells FOX 54

Dr. Coule says the viruses have similar symptoms, and that they both impact the lungs.

“We also know that people who get influenza can also get a post-viral infection. And again sorting all of that out while handling COVID-19 would not be a good situation.”

Dr. Coule also adds that the flu shot only lasts for a couple months. And thinks the best time for people to get it is mid-late October – so people have the immunity for the peak of the flu season – which is in December and January in the CSRA.

Dr. Coule says overall, he expects there to be less cases of the flu this flu season year, because the precautions people are taking to keep people safe from COVID-19 – can also protect people against the flu.