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Enjoy the great outdoors in luxury with glamping



COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. – It’s that time of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. And if you’re someone who likes to take it all in while in luxury glamping is calling your name.

It’s glamorous camping and it’s making its return this summer to Columbia County at Clarks Hill Lake.

If you decide to come glamping in Columbia County you will be staying in something similar to your bedroom. We’ve been told that a lot of people have already been coming out.

“It has been totally amazing. The county has been so supportive, all of the local people have been so supportive. I mean we’re booking out. It’s tremendous,” said Kim Holland, manager of the Georgia Glamping Company.

Glamping out at Wildwood Park has all the luxuries you never knew you needed while camping. From beds, a fridge, AC, and even a Kurieg inside it’s all to make your experience comfortable.

“We’re not just accommodating local people, it’s generated a lot of tourism. Even though we only have four sites, it’s amazing how many people you see come from alabamia or other areas of the country come here to stay with us,” said Holland.

Holland manages the glamping sites but she is no stranger to the experience. She says when a site is available you can find her there.

“It is a wonderful way to get outside with your family, enjoy time together and still have the comfort and amenities of your hotel room,” she said.

You’re able to stay as long as you like during the week however there is a two night minimum on weekends.

Holland says the experience helps bring back a sense of normalcy.

“You can feel like you did before COVID ever existed. You can come out here no mask necessary, totally free to breathe fresh air, and enjoy time with your family,” she said.

They are booking up fast but glamping runs through mid December so you still have chance to enjoy the great outdoors with a little class.