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Commissioners discuss non-discrimination ordinance proposal



AUGUSTA, Ga – Augusta leaders are once again discussing a non-discrimination ordinance for the city. Mayor Hardie Davis initially proposed the ordinance last year but it was not approved.

An updated draft was read during the Mar. 9 commission meeting. The ordinance would prevent businesses from discriminating against their employees based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. As discussed among commissioners – to report discrimination, employees would have to file a complaint which would then be investigated and sent to a mediator.

Right now the reaction from city leaders is mixed with some being in favor others not. Commissioner Sammie Sias says no one should be discriminated against but also individual business owners have rights. He reflected on last years events that sparked protest on racial inequality around the nation. “We have discrimination in Augusta I’m sure but maybe not at that level. So I would say here in Augusta we should be very careful that we don’t provide a solution to a problem that may or may not exist that requires a new ordinance,”