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City should reconsider mask mandate



AUGUSTA, Ga. – In my opinion, the City Council opposition – Diggs et. al. – got it right. While they lost the mask ordinance continuation by a vote of 4 to 3, they were on the prudent side of keeping us safe. Consider this: You go to your doctor for an infection, say a flu-like problem, and he determines the problem may be bacterial and prescribes an antibiotic. After you have taken the prescription for about half the prescribed time, you begin to feel pretty good. So – what do you do? Do you stop taking the antibiotic?

Well, if you are on the winning side of the COVID mask question in our Aiken City Council, that is what you would do. And would you have a recurrence of symptoms? Probably. Diggs, Price, and Woltz may have lost the vote on this question, but it could be we the citizenry of Aiken who could be the real losers here. Mr. Chairman, I call for a reconsideration, please.