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Cedar Ridge residents frustrated after days without water



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Frustration is boiling over for residents at Cedar Ridge Apartments in Augusta after they went several days without running water. And though the tenants didn’t have water, we here at FOX 54 were flooded with their complaints.

There was lots of water surrounding the complex, just not the kind tenants need. Some residents went three days without running water, then low water pressure, then no running again.

“If I don’t know, I’m thinking I’m about to hop in the shower. I cant hop in the shower, I got no water. And I can’t cook because I can’t wash the dishes. I can’t flush the toilet.”

One maintenance worker says they have been working nonstop. “I am sorry but when there is twenty-foot geysers of water out in the parking lot you’re not getting a notification that has to be shut off right then and there. We’ve told them this, they know this, I don’t know why they called you out here.”

It was a structural disaster tenants say was made worse they say by a lack of communication.

“Usually they give us like a letter and they let us know, hey, it’s going to be down for this about of time but they didn’t that time,”

“I’m never notified when it comes back on so I never know until I get home if it’s on or if it’s not on,”

Fortunately, many tenants say they have been able to lean on friends and family for their needs. But with patience running as low as the water, they don’t know whether to trust it won’t happen again.

“I’ve actually talked to everybody and say well did they let y’all know. I asked them over here, did they let you know what was going on and he was like ‘no.’ So, it’s possible.”

The last three buildings just got their running water back Friday. Some who live in the complex tell us they hope there may be compensation for what they’ve endured.