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Baseball is back on the river with Augusta GreenJackets opening game



AUGUSTA, Ga. – We are definitely overdue for some baseball on the river but the wait is almost over. Tickets go on sale Monday for the Augusta GreenJackets.

The first home game is coming up on May 4 against the Columbia Fireflies.

If you’re planning to hit the ballpark sometime this spring or summer there are some changes to know about.

For the most part, changes will be similar to what we’ve seen at other sporting events mask requirements, capacity limits, and spaced-out seating. They’ll open up more gates so everyone isn’t filing through one spot. All of this so on Tuesday for the first time since September 7 2019, we’ll have GreenJackets baseball.

“We never thought that day would be the last GreenJackets game we’ve had in this long,” said Brandon Greene, a GreenJackets General Manager.

As the clock counts down to the next GreenJackets game, the excitement cranks up.

“It’s at the highest it’s been in a very long time. Internally we are very very very excited,” said Greene.

GreenJackets fans are also feeling the excitement after a long wait.

“I’m excited. I’m looking forward to going to games again,” said David Peltier, a lifelong GreenJackets fan.

This season will be met with a lot of changes. As with most sporting events, masks are required and social distancing is encouraged. The season will start with 50 percent stadium capacity or about 3,000 fans.

Greene says they’ll sell tickets a few weeks at a time because as state capacity limits change, the team will make adjustments as well. Maybe the biggest change, the team is now a part of the Atlanta Braves organization.

For lifelong GreenJackets and Braves fans like Peltier, it’s a perfect match.

“Having the opportunity to see the future of the Braves come through Augusta now is just an awesome experience that I think fans are really gonna be looking forward to,” said Peltier.

Peltier says it’s hard to top the feeling of the first-ever game at SRP Park. But if there’s anything that can come close, it’ll be the return of GreenJackets baseball.

“With it officially coming back I think you’re gonna get a replica of that moment of fans overjoyed to see baseball is back here in Augusta and they’re ready to see some ball,” he said.

SRP Park has held more than 150 events in the last year while the team wasn’t playing. Greene says when they had their first little league game out here it was exciting just to have baseball in the stadium. So you can only imagine how they’re feeling with opening day just 11 days away.