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Augusta man quarantining in Jamaica after contracting COVID-19 on vacation



AUGUSTA, Ga. – After the death of their son Tanner Haywood, Tripp and Leslie Haywood decided to take some time in Jamaica. Leslie is now home in Augusta, but after a positive COVID test, Tripp is quarantining out of the country.

“I’ve been here about seven days after my departure date to just wait in quarantine. I think I’ve got about five or six more [days] before I can get out of here,” Tripp said.

His isolation stay is free of charge.

“You move kind of toward the back of the property. You don’t see many people,” Tripp said. “They still take care of you, you get food, you get to exercise, but you’re stuck. You’re in your room and you’re by yourself.”

Tripp and Leslie were required to provide proof of a negative COVID test before leaving on the trip. A few days before their return to the US, they were retested, and Tripp was COVID positive. Leslie did not contract the virus, and returned to the states.

“If your wife wants to stay, she can pay for an additional room at a discounted cost, but we just didn’t see the benefit of that. We wouldn’t be able to be in the same room and certainly not be able to do anything,” Tripp said.

Tripp says the couple knew contracting the virus was a possibility, but he says he thought the chances were slim.

“I can tell you we would not have done it if we had known the risk with this. We will definitely be sticking state side for another year I’m sure,” Tripp said. “I would tell anybody they need to reconsider. Not just Jamaica, I think it’s anywhere. This is kind of a nightmarish thing nobody really considers.”

Tripp says he hopes to return home sometime next week.