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Augusta GreenJackets won’t play a 2020 season



AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Augusta GreenJackets will not be playing a 2020 season. This comes after Major League Baseball (MLB) told Minor League Baseball (MiLB) that they will not provide it’s affiliate Minor League Teams with players for this season.

“We remained optimistic all the way up to the announcement.  We were hopeful for a season that would have started sometime in late July and possibly made up some of the season into September.  A cancelled season was a possibility and we are saddened by the news passed down today from MLB and MiLB.  This marks the first time our region hasn’t hosted baseball since 1987.”  said Brandon Greene, general manager of the Augusta GreenJackets.

GreenJackets staff is working to contact ticket plan holders, members, and sponsors about their current ticket packages.