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Augusta Christian excited to be first team in CSRA with a home game



AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s officially week 1 for South Carolina Independent School Association football. Augusta Christian may be in Georgia but plays in the SCISA for travel reasons. The Lions have a new coach and the team wants to bring the roar back.

Given the challenges surrounding this year’s football season, it would’ve been easy to just get down in the dumps about the uncertainty playing. That’s not the case for the Lions. They’ve been waiting for this moment all summer and will be the only show in town on Friday. At practice Tuesday afternoon, one word stood out more than the others: Excited.

“We put a countdown clock in about 2 weeks ago. And just everyday watching that time count down. People are excited, the public’s excited, the school’s excited,” said head coach Andrew Stickel.

“Everyone’s excited right now. It’s a big time. This year I know for a fact we got a chance to make it to the ‘chip this year. It’s just a nice energy around the team. We’re ready to go and get the first dub this Friday,” said junior Terrence Vandiver.