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AU nurse manager remains one of few health care COVID deaths in the Augusta area



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Coar, 40, was a full-time nurse at University Hospital before going to AUMC and moving up the ranks until she became nurse manager. She is one of a few deaths reported among health care workers in the Augusta area.

Health care deaths at AU Health have remained in the single digits, but hospital officials don’t have an exact number, while Doctors Hospital has had one employee die because of COVID-19-related illness. University Hospital has had three employees die from COVID-19.

She was married to Matthew Coar, and they were to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in September.

Her husband and fellow co-workers said they will always remember her and how she was a perfect example for nurses to follow.

“She was the epitome of what a nurse is, always willing to help others, putting others first before herself. So I would encourage other nurses to continue whatever she taught them, encourage them to continue to be better, strive to be better, don’t just settle,” Matthew Coar said at a balloon release held in her honor at AU.

Yolanda Coar tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the hospital and intensive care unit July 19. The unit she worked in did not have any COVID-19 patients.

Coar is survived by two sons, Evan, 8, and Maddox, 4. She was part of a video memorial honoring people who have lost their lives to COVID-19 during the Democratic National Convention in August.