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AU Expert weighs in ahead of impeachment trial



AUGUSTA, Ga. – As we look ahead to the impeachment trial…A political science expert at Augusta University breaks down a few things we could expect.

Dr. Gregg Murray feels this impeachment trial something that will gather a lot of attention. Regardless of the outcome, he says it will have more than just an immediate impact.

Dr. Murray tells FOX 54 that impeachment trials are significant in our history since they don’t happen often, and this one is no exception.

As far as the public goes, he thinks there could be some fatigue associated with watching this process. But when it comes to what happens in the trial itself, he believes the senate could be more deliberative – for multiple reasons.

“I think there are two things going on. There’s the actual idea of whether or not President Trump will actually be convicted, but there’s also process regarding getting a public record of what happened. I think that’s going to be a large part of the motivation for doing this,” said Dr. Murray.

He believes the handling of the trial could be a significant talking point on credibility down the road.

“I think the feel is going to be a lot different. I think there will be questions about how quickly the house impeachment occurred, you know, and that can be solidified a little bit, if I think, the people believe the senate side was maybe a little slower and a little more deliberative.”