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6 million dollars for rental assistance and new Utilites Director approved by commission



AUGUSTA, Ga. – For Augusta leaders and for Augusta residents facing financial hardships due to the pandemic it is millions from almost heaven.

When you think of the number of people who  are concerned whether they will be able to pay their mortgage their rent who are still waiting for unemployment to show up in their homes these dollars six million couldn’t come at a better time,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

City leaders approving  6 million dollars in federal funds to establish an emergency rental assistance program.

Part of the  money be used to  hire two contractors to help   get these  dollars into the hands of people who need it.

“There’s six hundred thousand in there that is administrative  money that they are giving to cities of our size to make sure we get those funds out there door quickly,” said City Administrator Odie Donald.

After approval of the grant commissioners holding their first committee meetings in 11 month, though the committees were also virtual some city leaders seeing it as the first step to returning to meeting in person but the mayor didn’t agree.

“The two are not necessarily connected I mean obviously at some point when we clearly have specific guidance  from the department of public health where we know where we are from a COVID 19 standpoint,” said the mayor.

Commissioners are getting city business completed while waiting for an a COVID all clear to get back to meeting in person in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Meanwhile commissioners have appointed a new Utilities Department Director. Former department assistant Wes Byne has been named to replace Tom Wiedmeier who passed away in August.