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The governors of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas united in providing a response to President Biden’s statement in which he celebrated the decline in gas prices in their respective states



Augusta, GEORGIA – The coalition of Republican governors released the following statement:

“From the first day of his Administration, President Biden has repeatedly undermined America’s energy independence with a series of decisions that led to record high gas prices in the middle of an economic downturn. 

It has been Republican governors – not the White House – who fought to provide relief to working families, took swift action to lower costs, and put more money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans to combat 40-year-high Biden-flation.

If President Biden wants credit for lowering gas prices, he should start by restoring our nation’s energy independence and ending our reliance on foreign oil, not taking credit for results he had nothing to do with.”

Since taking office, the Biden administration has consistently acted contrary to the interests of American energy production.

While the White House decries Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the cause of high energy prices, the reality is prices were on the rise well before Putin’s despicable actions. From shuttering the Keystone XL pipeline to holding back approvals for expanded domestic drilling projects, the President has failed to address the need for more domestic energy production.

The consequences of this inaction have been felt across our nation and worldwide, as President Biden begs other countries for more oil instead of using the resources available to him at home.