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Teen denied bond in fatal January shooting



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Bond was denied again Thursday for 18-year-old accused of murder, but the judge asked attorneys to bring case back once the victim’s blood can be analyzed for possible drug use.

Alec J. Hadden, 18, was arrested the night of Jan. 21 after he fatally shot 50-year-old Jerry Harden. Bond was previously denied Feb. 5.

Defense attorney Scott Connell asked Judge Daniel J. Craig to consider more information that has been gathered since the prior bond hearing about what led up to the shooting. It was clearly a case of self defense, Connell said.

Harden had a lengthy criminal history of violence, one he was proud of, Connell said. Hadden knew Harden could be dangerous and carried a gun. That night, Connell said, Harden was ingesting methamphetamine, and he became enraged at Hadden whom he outweighed by more than a 100 pounds.

After knocking Hadden down, jumping him and threatening to kill him, Hadden pulled a gun to try to make Harden stop, Connell said. Hadden broke free but when Harden came after him again, Hadden fired his weapon and continued to fire until Harden fell, Connell said.

But Assistant District Attorney Ryne Cox countered that it was Hadden who became enraged that night when Harden pushed the younger man to the ground a couple of times. That night, Harden’s girlfriend didn’t tell sheriff investigators of any continued assault before the shooting, Cox said; she told investigators she was walking Hadden away from Harden when Hadden stopped and shot at Harden, the prosecutor said.

Hadden has no criminal history.

Craig denied bond at the conclusion of the Richmond County Superior Court bond hearing, but he urged the attorneys to bring the case back for another bond hearing after the victim’s autopsy report with toxicology results is available.