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Salvation Army needs kettle bell help with increased families in need from COVID-19



AUGUSTA, Ga.– Kettle bell season is not canceled from the pandemic. They want to ring in the holiday season with strong support and they’re looking for volunteers.

They are looking to fill 6 thousand hours. It is over a span of 24 days… and it’s conveniently in 31 locations.

Those locations include Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and Macy.

500 families signed up for their Christmas Angel Tree Program alone. That’s 200 more families than last year, which was at 300.

They already have over 50 groups signed up, they need much, much more.

Area Commander and Senior Kroc Officer, Major Douglas McClure, says, “We’ve already had a lot of volunteers who that have told us that ‘you know, we just don’t feel comfortable being out,’ you know it’s COVID. We understand. We have put a lot of protocols into place to keep it safe. We’re sanitizing the equipment. You know, we’re going to have masks available for folks, but volunteers are really what drives this program.”

They’ve seen almost a 60% increase in people that now need assistance.

“There are people needing assistance now that has never needed assistance before. Whether it’s through job loss, whether it’s their company having to downsize on hours, whether it’s just increased expenses. It almost feels like we have to spend more and work harder with less return during this COVID season,” says Major McClure.

Kettle Bell season begins one week early this year. November 21st, Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby will open their locations.