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Local restaurants see a shortage of a famous menu item – chicken wings



AUGUSTA, Ga – We’ve had so many shortages in the past year with toilet paper, meat, and even ketchup packets.

Now we’re seeing a shortage of a very popular menu item – chicken wings.

Whether wings or breasts, fried or grilled, ordering your favorite style of chicken maybe a little bit harder to do now.

“Really starting in the last three months prices, we started seeing the prices really rise,” Robert Williams said.

Williams is the owner of Alexander’s Great Barbeque, and he says the price of chicken has nearly doubled.

“We were buying them for $80 a case. … Now they’re $136 a case. We would have to raise our prices to our customers,” he explained.

And instead of losing profit or charging customers extra money, they’ve decided to temporarily remove wings from the menu.

“Wings are actually one of our best sellers. We did offer them in different varieties and different flavors,” he said. “We actually have customers trying to figure out when we can get wings.”

And he says no matter where they look, prices remain the same.

“It is affecting us a little bit in sales we have noticed a small decrease in our sales over the past few months,” he said. “As of right now I’m waiting for prices to go down as of right now they are still going up.”

It’s a decision they’re making day by day week by week, but as of right now, they’ll just have to wing it.