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Holiday season was different in 2020



AUGUSTA, Ga. – All holidays in 2020 have been unconventional. People had to find new ways of celebrating by adapting some traditions and giving others up altogether.

On Mother’s Day people were being asked to just stay home. By July 4th, people were spending time outdoors, but being asked to socially distance.

Now, at the end of a long year, people are gathering a little more for the Holiday Season. Those I talked to say, they spent time with family on Christmas Day, but took precautions.

“This year, just making sure we didn’t bring any illnesses. You know, we went to be tested to be sure we didn’t bring nothing back to the grandparents and waiting two hours in the doctor’s office to be tested to make sure we weren’t positive. We were negative thankfully,” said Renee Mitchell.

While some were tested for COVID before the holidays, others changed their travel plans.

“So my family actually came over from Texas. My oldest brother and his wife decided to drive instead of fly just because of COVID going on and they didn’t want to risk getting sick at the airport. So, since I wasn’t able to go home this year, they came over to see me,” explained Roland Heritage.

Many families are used to large traditional holiday get togethers, but some said they pared it down this year.

“Well we just had family. It was a smaller get together than probably it normally would have been. A little more extravagant, a little bit more people, but it was small. Fairly small,” said Marcie Nieman. “Just us. Family. My son, my daughter. Their kids and that was it.”

The Nieman family said there was one big difference this year.

“And we watched church on TV this year instead of actually going, which was fine. We got to enjoy it in our pajamas with breakfast, so, not too bad,” Hannah Nieman said.

The day after Christmas is a big shopping day. I asked people what they were out shopping for.

“So today we’re just here to get some personal stuff. Like bathroom stuff. I gotta get some stuff for my hair, I’m running low. So nothing too particular,” said Heritage:

“I went and hit up Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale today. And then I came to Target for some last minute things that we didn’t get the day before,” smiled Mitchell.

“I’m trying to get some after Christmas sales,” Hannah said.

Her mom Marcie laughed.

“She got a gift card for Christmas, so she’s gonna burn it up in a minute.”

Those I talked to say now that a vaccine is out, they hope to see a return to normal life soon.

“So, I definitely like the way forward that we’re moving. Like you said, we do have the vaccine that is coming out and people are starting to get it.” Heritage said. “Me personally, I will be getting the vaccine myself.”

Mitchell agreed.

“I do plan on getting the vaccine. I think that will be great, so we can resume, what I guess will be the new normal. Because I still think people will try to social distance a little bit.”