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Golfers describe first day back at Augusta National Women’s Amateur



EVANS, Ga.– The calm was in the air at Champions Retreat Golf Club as women from all over the world prepared for the second annual Augusta National Women’s Amateur; and limited patrons didn’t stop the spirit of competition.

“I was really excited. I got my invitation two years ago and I just couldn’t wait to finally tee it up today,” said Isabella Holpfer.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I played two years ago and had an amazing time. It’s a beautiful tournament and I just love it, and last year was pretty disappointing with everything that was going on and we didn’t get a chance to compete in many events. It’s really nice to be able to tee it up out here with 80 girls and I just love it,” said Caterina Don.

We spoke with UGA’s Caterina Don and Isabella Holpfer to see what their experience was like today on the course.

“I had a rough start, but, I mean, I stayed pretty solid around the whole round. I was hitting great shots and then a couple of good putts throughout, and that was pretty helpful,” said Don.

“A few wrong club decisions today. So, I was struggling a little bit; and I only played one birdie, but I had fun out there,” said Holpfer.

Last year, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur was canceled due to the pandemic, making competing in this year’s tournament mean that much more.

“It’s just a huge opportunity. We were lucky enough to play even in the Fall, and I know some schools didn’t, and I’m really grateful and, you know, everything could change tomorrow and every time you get to tee it off the ball it’s just a good opportunity and it just makes you appreciate the game of golf even more,” said Don.