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Commission to hold public hearing on decal exemption for Augusta mayor



AUGUSTA, Ga. – An issue that caused a lot of buzz two years ago was back on the agenda for today’s commission as well.

If you remember in 2019, the commission approved to have the decal removed off Mayor Davis’ city-issued car, which was an exemption to state law. That came after the mayor claimed he had received several threats.

“On more than one occasion — the Marshal can attest to this — we’ve had someone come into this building who has not only threatened my life, but the life of my staff,” Davis said in 2019.

At that time, we searched with the Richmond County Marshal’s Office, who combed through all the incidents to see if they could find any involving city leaders, but there is nothing on record about any threats against the mayor.

That took us to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to double-check. Once again, there was nothing on file.

Georgia state law requires all city vehicles to have city logos printed on them.

Now city leaders will once again review that decal exemption during a hearing with the city attorney. It will be available online and start at 1:30 p.m.