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Colleges prepare students to enter pandemic-plagued workforce



AUGUSTA, Ga. – COVID-19 has changed the work industry in more ways than one. Now, college students preparing to enter the workforce are facing new challenges.

As more college students prepare to pour into the world of work, some of them are doubtful about adjusting to the new reality they’re facing.

“It can’t just be an armchair click and submit,” Julie Goley said. “Students have not had the opportunity to do the person-to-person networking and the things that have typically been very viable for them in any job search in the past that are still very critical in a job search.”

But some of our local colleges are preparing them for careers during an ongoing pandemic.

Goley is the Director of Career Services at Augusta University and she says even though says some students have zoom fatigue. But it’s essential for them to learn how to approach job applications virtually.

“Our focus now is helping them understand how to keep one foot in and this virtual world that I think will always be with us to some extent,” Goley said. “How they tend to approach their application virtually is more important now than ever.”

She says even though it has been a challenge, things are looking more promising in the work industry. “I think the outlook is strong for our graduates.”

To her, it’s about navigating a new world of unique resumes, virtual interviews, and virtual jobs for landing entry-level opportunities.

“Helping students understand or any job seeker understand, you really have to take the time to tailor for each specific role,” Goley said.