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‘Cluster of COVID-19 cases’ prompts Mt. Zion Primary to finish school year with virtual learning



CLAYTON, Ga. — Another Clayton County school is learning virtually for the remainder of the school year due to a “cluster of COVID-19 cases,” according to the district.

Clayton County Public Schools said Mt. Zion Primary School is pivoting back to remote learning.

The district said in a news release it reported that during the week of April 26, Mt. Zion Primary would be closed for cleaning on April 30 following an isolated COVID case.

However, effective May 10, the district said students will learn virtually to finish out the 2020-2021 school year.

“The district will continue to follow the school system’s safety protocols for sanitizing the classrooms and other possible affected areas in the schools, in addition to working in partnership with the Clayton County Health Department,” the said in a statement.

Previously, Clayton County Schools said students at Harper Elementary and Callaway Elementary would also move to virtual learning due to a cluster of COVID- 19 cases.

In addition, a message posted on Morrow Elementary School’s website indicates that their students are also closing out the school year with remote learning. Principal Tammy Burroughs’ letter dated April 26, which is also posted online, states that someone at the school tested positive COVID and they notified everyone who was deemed a “close contact.” Those individuals were told to quarantine.

“As we continue to prioritize the safety of all students and employees, in accordance with the Health and Safety section of the Clayton County Public Schools Reopening of Schools Plan, district officials will also continue to make determinations regarding in district COVID-19 cases on a case-by-case basis using the guidance of federal, state and local health officials,” the district said in it statement regarding Mt. Zion Primary’s closure.