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Augusta mayor, others call for move to pollution-free vehicles



AUGUSTA, Ga. – Several Georgia officials, including Augusta’s mayor, convened today to urge federal representatives to start the transition to pollution-free vehicles while supporting states’ authority to address pollution from cars and trucks.

They claim the move would boost the state’s economy and protect public health.

“The potential economic benefits of an improved clean transportation system are significant,” said Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. “Stronger clean cars standards and the expansion of electric vehicle technology will increase manufacturing and provide good-paying jobs to families in Augusta and across our state.”

Davis and DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry joined EVHybridNoire’s Dr. Shelley Francis and the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Anne Blair in the virtual news conference.

They called for strengthening U.S. clean car standards and a transition to pollution-free vehicles.

Speakers also urged Georgia U.S. Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to continue supporting strong clean car standards and investments in clean vehicle technologies.

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it was reversing the previous administration’s rollback of states’ authority to adopt strong tailpipe pollution standards.

The Clean Air Act established the authority of states, including Georgia, to adopt stronger clean car standards than those set by the federal government to protect the health of their residents.

“The Biden administration’s recent restoration of state authority puts our country back on track, helping us fight air pollution and the ongoing climate crisis in our communities,” Terry said.

Terry said the metro Atlanta area, including DeKalb County, is no stranger to these issues.

However, “we know that pollution is not just limited to one part of our state,” Francis said.

“Here in Georgia, we’re continuing to fight unhealthy air for those most at risk, including children, older adults, and people living with lung disease. All Georgians deserve to breathe clean air,” Francis said. “Investing in clean vehicle technologies across the state will make a tangible difference.”