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Augusta holding championship parade for high school basketball state champs



AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Augusta commission votes to host a parade for the basketball state champs from cross creek and Josey High School.

You might remember some supporters were upset back in March because school and city officials did not feel comfortable throwing a big event just yet.

As Georgia eased up on the COVID restrictions and more people are getting vaccinated officials say there’s no better time than now to celebrate our state champs. The parade will start on Telfair Street ending with a ceremony at the steps of the court house.

The champions being recognized say it’ll be just as sweet as if it happened two months ago. For every dribble and pass there’s been a day gone by without a big celebration for Richmond County champions.

“Even though we didn’t get the full effect, I’m thankful that we did make it this far,” said Jordyn Dorsey, women’s basketball 3a state champion. “Even though we didn’t get the full effect, I’m thankful that we did make it this far.”

But twins Jordyn and Joshua did not seem to mind. They say taking home trophies for the men and women’s cross creek high school teams was blessing enough.

“It was crazy. I still can’t believe to this day me and my sister won. You never see that really,” said Joshua Dorsey, men’s basketball 3a state champion.

The two took their teams to victory in March. And across town the Josey High women’s team also won state in their division. Now a parade downtown is scheduled next week.

“I don’t think this is too late to celebrate them at all, I think this is the perfect time to celebrate. COVID restrictions have lifted a little. We have a sense of normalcy sort of getting back on track,” said Jordan Johnson, Augusta Commission District 1 Representative.

And the board of education says the school spirit hasn’t gone anywhere.

“This is not a better late than never. It is we’re going to come out as if it happened yesterday, if it happened today and we’re going to celebrate our kids,” said Shawnda Griffin, Richmond County Board of Education District 1 Representative

And for these students the parade will be sweet and the taste of victory even sweeter.

“I’m just thankful that me and my brother got to do this thing together,” she said.

But nothing beats being able to do it side by side.

The commissioners and the sheriff’s office have signed off completely on the parade. Now we just have to wait for superintendent dr. Bradshaw for the final stamp of approval. And those champions will be recognized by city and state leaders at the court house following the parade.