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Augusta Commissioner says female presence is needed in subcommittees



AUGUSTA, Ga. – One Augusta commissioner is speaking out after feeling overlooked and ignored by some of her colleagues. District 3 commissioner Catherine Mcknight says more inclusion is needed for female commissioners.

Commissioner Catherine McKnight says she was nominated by the Mayor to serve on the local redistricting committee for the 2020 census count. But to her surprise she noticed that her name was not listed as one of the nominations on this week’s commission agenda. During the commission meeting she asked for her colleagues to reconsider.

“Well I brought it forth and pulled it from the agenda. I wanted to discuss it. I thought it needed to be addressed. Even though I didn’t get the votes. It was a six to four vote,” said Commissioner McKnight.

According to McKnight there are no women serving on subcommittees and it isn’t fair when considering there are male commissioners who are sitting on multiple.

“District 3 is the fastest growing district and I wanted to be apart of it. And ya know I felt like we got two women on the commission, I felt like it’s a level playing and we need to be working all together,” said Commissioner Mcknight.

Commissioner Dennis Williams voted in her favor but doesn’t feel this is a gender issue.

“I can understand using that road to accomplish your goal but its not nothing being done or has been done to distinguish man from female,” said Commissioner Williams.

Commissioner Francine Scott did not vote in McKnight’s favor but says she understands the importance of female leadership and inclusion.

“For women to be at the table and taken seriously we must involve ourselves and we must be included in different committees just to set the example to move Augusta forward,” said Commissioner Scott.