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Atlanta police’s warning to parents of boys selling water on streets



The Atlanta Police Department have tried polite persuasion with the water boys. At other times, they have confiscated cases of water. But that did not stop them from buying more and returning to their hustle in the middle of busy intersections.

Now, a top cop tells Atlanta City Council members a new tactic will be tried. Parents of these boys may be cited.

“We know there are cases where the parents know these boys are playing around in the street,” said Assistant Chief Todd Coyt.

The police official said the department is trying to avoid arresting these young people.

“But we will do it when it is necessary,” Coyt added.

Some of the young people get aggressive, verbally and physically toward motorists.

Mari Collier Overstreet is working with the mayor’s office to try to redirect the boys. There is a website that attempts to match a young person with an organization offering a paid internship. The address is