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Amtrak plans to link Savannah, Atlanta but bypass Augusta



ATLANTA, Ga. – Amtrak says a new route in its long-range plans would connect Savannah to Nashville and stop in Atlanta.

The Savannah-Atlanta-Nashville route would go through Macon, bypassing Augusta.

Amtrak’s proposed new routes also include one that would connect Montgomery, Ala., to Atlanta.

The routes are among several nationwide proposed by Amtrak after President Joe Biden announced his sweeping plan to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

Amtrak’s 2035 vision plan would add at least 30 new routes across the country and add more trips to at least 20 existing routes.

Amtrak officials are hoping Congress will provide the $80 billion designated for rail in Biden’s American Jobs Plan announced last week.

“America needs a rail network that offers frequent, reliable, sustainable and equitable train service. Now is our time, let’s make rail the solution.” Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn said in a statement.

In touting its new plan, Amtrak said:

  • Traveling on Amtrak is up to 83% more energy efficient than driving and up to 73% more energy efficient than flying.
  • Rail service brings local and regional economic benefits from riders and employees who live, work, and visit in the area.
  • Expanding rail service helps combat inequality in transportation.
  • Major cities like Houston, Atlanta and Cincinnati have service with trains that only stop once a day and often in the middle of the night. Other cities like Las Vegas, Nashville, Columbus, and Phoenix don’t have Amtrak service at all.